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Entrevistas no coercitivas y garantías procesales

Development of a set of guidelines on non-coercive interviewing and procedural safeguards – anti-torture from International Bar Association on Vimeo.


A panel discussion on developing guidelines on non-coercive interviewing and procedural safeguards, to ensure that persons detained and questioned for investigative purposes by law enforcement officers are not subjected to torture or other forms of ill-treatment.

The discussion features 3 of the 15 members of the Steering Committee assembled by the Anti-Torture Initiative (ATI), Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT) and Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR), who are developing the guidelines:

The initiative is important as torture, particularly during the first hours of custody and in the context of questioning by police and other law enforcement agencies, continues despite its absolute prohibition. Many victims are from marginalised communities and lack appropriate legal services and support networks. In the name of heightened security concerns and efforts to fight crime and terrorism, human rights violations risk becoming normalised and increasingly widespread.