Centre for Attention to Victims of III-Treatment and Torture

We accompany people so that they can

regain control of their lives.

With you we will be able to continue

doing so.

There are stories that are difficult to tell. Those who suffer violence often do not have the possibility to ask for help, nor the strength to speak out. And silence is a burden that weighs heavy, that paralyzes, that becomes entrenched and haunts you. Narrating a violent episode means having to face the trauma, the guilt, the stigma and the shame of being considered a victim. To face all this pain, it is necessary to feel accompanied.

At Centro Sir[a] we have been doing this work for many years. We accompany people so that they can regain control of their lives, their stories, their truth, and their silences.

It is up to you to support us so that we can continue to break them.


Who are we?

The Sir[a] centreis a therapeutic, legal and psychosocial support network specialising in contexts of violence. The centre provides specialized care to individuals or groups who have been directly or indirectly affected by traumatic situations and survivors of political violence, torture and disasters.

The team works from neutrality and impartiality and is composed of professionals from psychiatry, psychology, law and medicine with extensive experience in the field of clinical care and psychotherapy as well as in the preparation of reports based on the Istanbul Protocol, humanitarian intervention and work with NGOs.

Sir[a] has4 main lines of work


Forensic, medical and psychological experts with psycho-legal support

Clinical care:

Psychological and psychiatric care and therapeutic accompaniment

Torture and Migration:

Reports for Documenting Ill-Treatment and Torture in the Country of Origin, Transit or Border

Support for teams, training and research

Accompaniment and technical supervision of professionals

Our Approach

We support, accompany and intervene with people and communities affected by political and institutional violence.

We remain committed to denouncing and documenting serious human rights violations

We work from a psychosocial, cross-cultural and gender perspective adapted to the framework of each intervention

We understand context and commonality as an indispensable part of our work

We are a neutral, impartial and independent centre, we work with academic and scientific rigour

We collaborate with and from local, national and international networks